The Parents' Bedroom Show, a film by Elisabeth von Samsonow, performance photography by Juergen Teller, Spazio Ridotto Venice.
A project paralleling the Venice Biennale 2019

The Parents' Bedroom Show

Parents Bedroom

The project THE PARENTS‘ BEDROOM SHOW deals with an architecture of time gravitating around „intensive time“ that is claimed by performance as its specific time quality. Elisabeth von Samsonow’s performance „The Parents‘ Bedroom Show“ adresses the Freudian fantasy of a „primal scene“ ever sought after. The parents‘ bedroom appears as a crossroad for individual and collective histories/ biographies.

Under the auspice of „infantile“ (preoedipal) curiosity as will for knowledge this project correlates performance, photography and video as forms of investigation. Juergen Teller in this project is not a photographer archiving the performance but a partner in crime employing chronomanipulations as a means inverting the life-death-vector.