Elisabeth von Samsonow:
Lecture performance, BRUT in the Künstlerhaus Wien
Curated by Thomas Frank

What will happen, when the principle of growth will be understood in ist proper meaning, so that it refers exclusively to living beings, that really grow and diminish? The capital of growing goods WOOD FIELD FLOCK that is hidden by the importance of urban cultures is remembered in this lecture. To this purpose the relation between body and money is screened mercilessly. So a human voice – the one oft he philosopher – and the voices of the trees can be heard and listened to as they tune in the harmony of growth (YUMMY TONES). The actual song oft he wood contributes by his own argument. The SAMSONOW TRANSPLANT ORCHESTRA plays a three parted paraphony alternating with the colloquial passages oft he philosopher, under the titlesof: DUSE VIBRATO/ SUPER TILIAE/ RIGHT HEAR: ECHO DE LUXE.  

(Translation: Michael Hall)

Money broken/right hear: Echo de Luxe, performance SAMSONOW PARASONIC TRANSPLANT ORCHESTRA, brut Vienna 2012