PARALLEL 2019/ artist statement



pretzel2The Brezel Goddess’ Lounge by Elisabeth von Samsonow shows two sculptures and drawings. The pretzel is present as an overarching mathematical form by which its inner relationships of forces become tangible. The Brezel Goddess herself proves to be a liminal figure between a banal everyday world (having pretzels every day) and a radical metaphysics of the production of bodies. The pretzel is the primary signature (a double helix in a crescent moon) of the kind of plasticity that must be taken as a requisite when dealing with the body. The pretzel is the favorite object of sculptors and theorists who explore bodies producing bodies (also: mother, the future of bodies). The exercise machine repurposed as a Doe Bride (created for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich) serves as a contemporary meditation machine in this context. A little prayer book with pretzel mantras will be published in conjunction with this event.

The Brezel Goddess, linden wood, varnish, wheels, height: 230, 2019

Wild Ride, material collage, height: 180, width: 165, depth: 190, 2019

Drawings 45 × 70

Hemp, dried



Thors Hans Hansson receiving the Nobel Prize in Physics in Stockholm 2016