The Parents' Bedroom Show


Taxispalais - Kunsthalle Tirol


Sarah Decristoforo, Fabiana Faleiros, Alex Martinis Roe, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Ashley Hans Scheirl

5.10.2018 - 27.1.2019 - Thursday, 4th of October 2018, 7pm

Sex coincides with our being. The sex act is regarded as intimate, but causes the public sphere to culminate in personal space at the same time – as a singular expression and actualization of politics, as communication, as an arena of pleasure and fantasy, reproduction and violence. Just like sex, art is also paradoxical; both act within contradictions, in in-between-zones and opposites. They are accomplices of knowledge and at once producers of a sensual surplus that is resistant to the categories of knowledge.
Does the alliance of art and sex allow us to re-weave the customary infrastructures of excitement, withdrawal, pleasure and its discharge? Can we fantasize a grammar of future sex in which the aggression of pleasure does not serve to consolidate power relationships? 

The works by Sarah Decristoforo, Fabiana Faleiros, Alex Martinis Roe, Elisabeth von Samsonow and Ashley Hans Scheirl, most of which were realized specifically for this exhibition, generate non-normative experiments of sex in drawing, sculpture, video, sound and installation. What kind of visualizations, embodiments, apparatuses, settings, texts and tutorials permit us to anticipate a sexual economy that is based on excessive exchange and radical solidarity? How could we effectively edit the scripts of our sexual identities? What roles are played by prosthetic devices and hormones, citations and yoga, over-expenditure and waste, the clitoris and digital interfaces in this process?

Curated by Nina Tabassomi

Sketch "Staatsdildo", basswood, sockets, base, perspex, 195cm high, 2018

Leopold Museum, Vienna

Schiele reloaded

Louise Bourgeois, Tadaski Kawamata, Jürgen Klauke, Sarah Lucas, Chloe Piene, Rudolf Polanszky, Maximilian Prüfer, Elisabeth von Samsonow, Fiona Tan


Friday, 28th of September 2018, 7pm

Idol III, basswood, Lacquer, marker, tulle,
base, wheels, 205cm high, 2018

Vienna Contemporary 27.-30. September 2018


Marx Halle, Karl-Farkas-Gasse 19, 1030 Vienna

Galerie Lisi Haemmerle, booth G2

PARALLEL VIENNA 25.-30. September 2018

Lassallstraße 1, 1020 Vienna

fAN Archive

Elisabeth von Samsonow shows a picture from her Performance


by Juergen Teller, 2018


Galerie Lisi Haemmerle

Marvels of Everyday Life 

14.7. – 19.8.2018

The exhibition at Galerie Lisi Hämmerle (opening on Saturday, 14 July 2018) presents sculptures, paintings, drawings, and photographs. Connecting these works is the theme of the "everyday marvels"—those things that have grown inconspicuous through (practical) use, though they contain plenty that is incendiary. Take the pretzel, for example. Artfully looped, it is not only a welcome snack, it also represents a mathematically highly sophisticated topos that could well serve as a model world. The same applies to braids. Or to wood, which is the real everyday mystery, at least for the sculptor, who prefers to work in basswood.

This exhibition is guided by the hypothesis that the household is the camouflage archive of  metaphysical objects that discretely inspire speculation about the world (such as clotheslines, clothespins, washcloths, bread in the form of rolls or pretzels or loaves, sausages, electric mixers and kettles, knives, forks, tongs and scissors, brooms, sweepers and vacuum cleaners, linens and other cloths, carpet beaters and plates, etc.). It may be suggested that the (female) knowledge achieved by being exiled to the household—going against the grain— represents intimacy with the basic elements of the world, since the household  manifests cosmology and solid state physics (disguised in banal functions, which applies above all to the furniture) at every turn. Meaning emerges from bodies like sound, light, voice.

Smolka Contemporary


Gilbert Bretterbauer / Stefan Lenhart / Frenzi Rigling / Elisabeth von Samsonow / Michael Sailstorfer / Stefanie Ullmann / Claudia Wieser / Martin Wöhrl

4.5. – 30.5.2018

Donnerstag, 3. Mai 2018
19:00 Uhr

In cooperation with the Maximiliansforum Munich

Galerie nächst St. Stephan Wien

The History of Psyche

17th of March 2018 Opening


Belvedere Museum WIEN


17. November 2017 bis 04. März 2018

Anti-aging is heard more often in our society than the wisdom of age, it would seem. Bowing to the cult of youth, images of age are often dictated by the cosmetics industry. Countering this are the many historical and contemporary works by artists pursuing a completely different idea of age. For the first time these are being showcased in a comprehensive exhibition at the Belvedere.

Social Sculpture Model I

marriage, installation, various materials, 2017

shown at PARALLEL VIENNA (19.-24.09.2017)

curated by Stefan Bidner at ALTE SIGMUND FREUD UNIVERSITÄT,

Schnirchgasse 9A, 1030 Vienna


Elisabeth von Samsonow's film LABORATORY OF THE EXO/ ENDO CORPUS (12'40, A 2017) is screened in the framework of the VIENNALE 2017 on the 23rd of October at 8.30 pm in the Stadtkino/ Künstlerhaus (Karlsplatz 5 in Vienna) and on the 30th of October 2017 in the Metro Kino/ Historical Hall.




FEMINICITIES curated by Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein
15th of June until 9th of July 2017

(performance days: 28.-30th of June)

Elisabeth von Samsonow’s piece is a threefold performative work on the subject of Electra, a character that has played a key role in Vienna at the turn of the century. The figure was engaged in order to unfold feminine psychic structures not only by Sigmund Freud, but was also staged in the play by Hugo von Hofmannsthal (1903) and in Richard Strauss‘ Opera orchestrating Hofmannsthal’s Libretto (1909). I relate the „hysterical“ figure of Electra to the girl character of Strawinksy’s ballet für Les Ballets Russes Le sacre du printemps which was first staged at nearly the same time, 1913 in Paris. Both plays, Electra and Le sacre du printemps show the girl in a key role as „victim“ – in the case of Hofmannsthal/Strauss as the victim of a family tragedy, in the play by Les Ballets Russes as a victim of spring, meaning that she is elected to die in a tribal rite for the revival oft he season.  

Elisabeth von Samsonow’s work analyzes, comments, re-enacts and remembers the features oft he character of the girl in ordert o ward it off its negative position as a „victim“.


Elisabeth von Samsonow


FAN Fine Art Network Praterstrasse 33 1020 Vienna hosted by Gregor Eichinger Office

Curated by Ute Burckhardt-Bodenwinkler
Opening 30th of May 2017 7 pm

Having explored Photosynthesis the artist focuses on growth, after phyto-metamorphosis (becoming plant) comes geo-anatomy. The result: the earth is an ectstatic being.

Elisabeth von Samsonow,
sketch book (foto: Christoph Fuchs)

Elisabeth von Samsonow

Elisabeth von Samsonow is invited to take part in the

„Lake Blue Heaven Qingdao International Spring Art Salon“ in China

curated by Shan Hong, exhibition runs from 19th of May until 9th of June 2017


Woman and Dog,
water color drawing 2017

Elisabeth von Samsonow

LEBEN LOBEN (praising life)

Solo show at the Kunstraum Leoben

Museumscenter Kirchgasse 6

Opening 16/5/2017 6p.m.
17/5-29/7 2017
monday-saturday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.

Elisabeth von Samsonow at NASTY WOMEN ART CHICAGO

Moonlight Studios 1446 Kinzie St, Chicago

May 5th 2017, 5.30-10.30 p.m.


Elisabeth von Samsonow,
aus der Serie RITES OF SPRING